Powerful Before & After Pictures of Rescued Cats

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These impactful before and after pictures show how animal rescueres really do change a cat furrever.  

Cats bring such love and joy into the home that accepts them, but that love gains a special meaning when the cat has been rescued from the streets.

Many of these cats have been saved from the brink of death, so if you're considering getting a cat, we hope these pictures will convince you to to adopt. 

#1 This poor kitty, Justin, was saved from a fire.


#2 Shelter found a box of kittens with only one living, but blind, survivor.

#3 This Cat, Bunny, was found electrocuted and with many wounds.  Just months later, he's fully recovered.

#4 Mr. Biscuits tried to get warm by crawling into a car's engine, but was badly burned when the car drove away.  Despite losing an ear, he looks much better now.

#5 This kitty was found nearly dead.  Here she is a month later, looking very cozy.

#6 Louie was found abandoned in a gutter at 2 weeks old.  But now he's king of his house.

#7 This cat was rescued from a neglectful owner.  After a little TLC, she's now thriving.

#8 Kodama was found with a maggot-infested wound.  Six years later, she's the happiest cat ever.


#9 Utopia was found drenched and cold in the rain.  Now, she's enjoying her loving furrever home.

#10 This little kitty was found on the street, begging for handouts.  A few months later, she's a comfy house cat.

#11 As scrawny as a mouse, Stuart Little was found in a box and nursed back to health.

#12 Scout was taken in as a thin, stray tom cat.  Just look at him now!

#13 Found in a drain, Spyder, was taken in by the same man who had rescued him.

#14 Duncan was found injured in the middle of the road.  One year later, he's much happier.

If you have a cat whose life was saved by you or your vet, then please share their story with us!  You may do so by sending the story to support@catarcadia.com  

Written by: Julija Neje

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