You're my Mommy now!

One night in June 2000, I happened to turn my head and there she was, this little imp. She was sick, had a gooey eye, so I scooped up all 1.5lbs of her six weeks self and off we went to the emergency vet. The vet gave her a really big shot and asked if I planned to keep her. I said I would think about it, but would definitely keep her through her meds. Ha! Abigail had other plans and already decided she was staying. She easily won over the rest of the human family. She was so small and so cute. My dog, Phineas fell in love.  Katina, my other cat, was not as thrilled, but eventually came around. And Abby, well, she was running around like a little fireball when she came sliding head first into me. She looked up, I looked down and I swear if that little twerp could talk, she said, "You're my Mommy now!" I am indeed. Today marks 17 years to the day I found her. She is still going strong, has lots of adventures and is my little twerpy-twerp. I always tell her she won the cat lottery the day I found her, but I know I hit the jackpot.

Story submitted by Melissa from Somerset, NJ

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