About Us

Cat Arcadia was founded by a mother of four rescued cats who wanted to make a difference in the quality of life for cats world-wide.  This website has been dedicated to those cat lovers who share our vision.  To support our goal, 20% of all proceeds from our sales go directly to help sheltered cats find homes.    

We want you to have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience while visiting.  Our house is your house, so feel free to paw around our broad selection of cat products, play on our social media pages and read inspiring mews about cat rescues and adoptables.  Follow us on Facebook to see cute kitty posts and stay updated on special discounts and give-aways.  If you have questions, you can simply drop us an e-mail: support@catarcadia.com   You can also reach us by snail mail, but please do not return merchandise without prior approval.

Our Mailing Address

Cat Arcadia
P.O. Box 34392
Indianapolis, IN 46234

Meet Our Fur Babies

Cat Arcadia - Miss Kitty
Ms. Kitty (a.k.a. Jenny Annie Dots) was rescued from her life on the street nine years ago.  She was pregnant, scared and fighting other animals for food.  Now, she spends her days curled up on her favorite chair and looks forward to pettings.  Happily greeting anyone, (even if they're strangers) she's perhaps the most affectionate, hospiatble cat
you'll ever meet.
Cat Arcadia - Jack
Jack is Ms. Kitty's first-born, although he believes there was some sort of a mixup and he's really a bird.  He likes to perch on the back of narrow chairs, on people's shoulders and at the top of kitchen cabinets.  He also likes to dazzle us with his impressive acrobats by jumping up to 7 feet and flipping for wand toys.
Princess was rescued as a kitten from a man who was about to dump her (and her siblings) out onto the street.  She was flea infested and malnourished.  Five years later, she's a lap dwelling cuddle kitty who loves sleeping in boxes that are too small and floofing around in the sun.
Catspurr was rescued as a kitten from a local animal shelter, originally to serve as a playmate for Princess.  He keeps the other cats "entertained" with all sorts of pranks, surprises and (sometimes) dirty trickery.  Although he can be a stinker, he loves cuddling with his humans and looks so cute when he's sleeping.  We have also noticed his close resemblance to "Tom" from the cartoon series Tom and Jerry.   Perhaps that's why he's such a prankster.