Purrty Silicone Cat Nightlight
Cat Arcadia

Purrty Silicone Cat Nightlight

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Ever wish you could see in the dark like your cat?   With a litte help from this glowy kitty, you can!  Measuring 6" high and 5" wide, this pudgy feline will guide your way through the dark, using one of seven purrty colors.  Simply tap on him to change colors, or poke his tummy, just for fun.  He won't mind.  His soft silicone makes it nearly impossible to resist the urge to squish him, so go right ahead.  His lithium battery (included) provides up to 15 hours of cat-astic mischief, and can easily be replaced.  See the below video for more details.


  • Due to high demand, please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. 


Cute Cat Nightlight from Cat Arcadia on Vimeo.

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