Purrecious Cat Bunny Costume
Cat Arcadia

Purrecious Cat Bunny Costume

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What could possibly be cuter than a kitty?  A kitty in a Bunny Costume!  It's okay to humiliate Fluffy long enough to take pictures for Easter, or to greet trick-or-trickers.  Consider it fair retribution for all the times you've had to scoop her litter box, trip over her toys and listen to her "singing" all night.  

Seriously, though.  This cotton bunny costume is comfy, easy to move around in and accessible enough for her to do her business without a hitch...or so we've been told by other kitties who have chosen to remain anonymous.

**Please see the pictures for Sizing Information.  When taking measurements, it's always best to round up to the next largest size.**

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